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Photograph courtesy of:
Jesco Industries, Inc.

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B. L. Harbert International

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Precision Gage, Hillsdale Michigan
Specializing in Tools * Gages * Fixtures
Wire EDM * Prototypes & Production

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MWH Constructors

A design by Crown Lift Trucks manufactured by Jesco Industries.
For information contact: Crown Lift Trucks, Cincinnati OH
Telephone: 513-874-6658 or follow the link

John Keating
Metropolitan Industries
Edmonston MD
                 Phil Risedorph, Inside Sales
Jesco Industries, Inc. Wire & Iron Products Division
Litchfield MI

John Keating and his team of professionals just finished their
installation of (59) Double Tier Tenant Storage Lockers at
Premier Condominiums in Silver Springs, MD; and (41) Double Tier
units along with (100) Single Tier Tenant Storage Lockers at
The Ascent in Tyson Corner VA.


Call Toll Free: 1-800-455-0019
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